Although I have been photographing as long as I can remember, I am only working as a professional photographer for about 8 years.

I mainly produce free (non-commissioned) images.

Abandoned factory buildings, exhausted mining sites, dilapidated castles and estates, they trigger my imagination. Who were the people that once lived here? Had their homes here, worked here, made love here and died here?

Statues, houses of worship, mural paintings/graffiti. They are all expressions of issues that move and touch people. Religion, anger, happiness, frustration. And so much more. An image on a crumbled wall can have more expressiveness than the TV images showing a man throwing a Molotov cocktail to a police van.

Also rusty pieces of iron/steel, rotten tree trunks etc. can make my imagination go wild. I collect these images to series, that can become large and can take up a lot of time. I then remove images and add new ones.

And I am happy to be able to work together with Joke Ruijs (www.jokeruijs.nl), a Dutch artist living in Germany who paints on some of my pictures. We have a complete free cooperation. I send her images that I have taken and she decides whether she has a good feeling with them and can add a artistical value to them. If not, so be it. If yes, a symbiosis of two ideas will follow. The result will always be unpredictable, butmore beautiful than each of us could have imagined.

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